Quickbooks Alternatives

Ok, so Quickbooks is the go-to accounting software for small business, and there are dozens of versions, tailored for every possible business segment.  So complex and complicated that you really need someone to ,not only guide you through the options, but someone to operate the system.

But what if you are not ready to pick a Quickbooks pathway, not ready to hire a certified quickbooks pro to be your bookkeeper?

I am a fan of Quickbooks, in general.  It is a basic simple checkbook program that has morphed into a more complex accounting program, which is fine but let’s not pretend to is not a more complex accounting program, because it is. Most entrepreneurs will need someone to maintain their books.

Assuming you keep a separate business bank and credit card account, and you’re not ready for journal entries and laser check printing, a simple download of you online bank account to excel or to google drive will give your accountant all they need to create your quarterly and year end statements for tax filings.

For something a little more sophisticated, you might try Quicken, the original electronic check book, cheaper and much easier to use than Quickbooks and you can print your checks too.

For other alternatives check out the article below:

Best Quickbooks Alternatives